Earn Fans

Fans are one of the most important factor to any application, because they’re the ones that developers earn money from.

This is basically the same for any products, services, sports and applications.  Taking a sport team as an example, a team with more fans usually perform better through out the season, has more passion and get a great result by the end.  Same with musicians, with more fans, the higher on the billboard they will be placed by end of the year.  If a team had absolutely no fans, it will go out of business.

The fact that earning a better result with more fans are exactly the same with applications too.  Clash of clan, League of Legends, Minecraft and other successful games has tons of fans.  In most case, these fans can be generated through a community of that product.

Life Cycle of Community

Start: A topic and a place to discuss.

Grow & Management: Grow the community with your own hand.
Community can be run by the fans in the community, but a healthy / beneficial community should be managed by the developer.  With Event and promotions, lead the existing fans to share contents and earn new generation of users&fans to join, users who didn’t follow the App from the start.  Several generations of users will follow throughout the operation of the App, each with different spirits and expectations. The evolution of the community is very much impacted by the developers’s actions.

Many users will leave the game in groups to go to another game.  Users changing alone will look for former community members to establish in a new game. In this case, your next game.

The most important thing to note is, fans can be earned through the community, and the community can be created by the developers hand.

Benefit with AppSteroid

“AppSteroid is developer’s one-stop-social-platform to maximize user value and sustain user lifecycle.  Our unique business model allow developers to increase profit, withal using the service for Free.”

In AppSteroid, we focus on some important factor that can gives a big impact on any application:

  1. User social activity
  2. Generate quality user
  3. Efficient user migration funnel


User social activity and Generate quality user

First of all, social activity by users in apps is as important as developer to earn revenue.  Apps cannot live without users, and even the most successful apps out there will start losing active users at some point.  The retention problem is one of the biggest brainer for mobile app developers today. Many apps struggle to attract users, and even more to retain them.

AppSteroid will solve the problem by supplying a community space, in app, for users to engage with each other.  A strong retention driver is giving users the ability to see what other people are interested in, are sharing, liking, commenting or recommending.

Social activities done in the community will organically generate high quality users for your application.  Users will engage, retain and acquire new users for you with social share.  A simple attachment of community in your app can dramatically extend the app’s lifespan.

Here are some of the features related that we supply:

  • Video Recording
  • Segmented Push Notification
  • Forum/Thread
  • Private Group Chatting
  • Social Sharing to SNS
  • Friending
  • Event Management

All of these listed features can be implemented within an hour, and used in any apps.


Efficient user migration funnel 

A community space in your app is a great place for user to discover other users, but also a great place to discover more content.  In fact, it is the most efficient space for developers to cross promote other applications. Here are why:

  1. Users in your community already loves your app.
  2. They are high quality users, performing social activity.
  3. They have potential to share your app to other SNS.

With all the functions described above, the user cycle in your app will be something like this:

A. User social activity in the app will dramatically increase retention and engagement rate.
B. Social activity will generate quality users, and trigger to acquire new users.
C. Cross promotion will efficiently migrate your quality users to other titles.

With the implementation cost of less than an hour, over 10 features will immediately function to make your app social.  AppSteroid will increase user retention, generate quality user and cross promote existing users efficiently to your next application.



Again, Our Service is for FREE.
Here you can register to our robust social platform!

Head Start for 1.2.0 Update: iOS and Unity

It is always a brainer for developers to transform the small fish into a big fish.  “Small fish will never turn into a big fish” some people say, but is that true?  We think the answer is no, every small fish has it’s own interest and favorite taste, and if we can get the best approach with the nice meal, they have the potential to turn into a Big fish spending more in your game.

The good news is, those small fish already has an interest in your game. They already download it!  Next step is to keep feeding those fish to glow big.  And AppSteroid has the tool to preform it.

Within this update of 1.2.0, the biggest feature added is the badge icons,  and badge icons has a potential to be a great feeder for small fish who are a social freak.  AppSteroid will track number of updates and unread messages that user are not aware of, and show it over the appropriate button as a badge icon.  Just adding this function resulted to increase retention rate for some of the Apps.  The reason is, some players who are really into social, just can not stand the icon appearing, and needs to check what’s happening it the community.  Better awareness and attention was the key to change casual players.

More will be added to optimize badge icons, with examples.
Please wait for the next update.

Major works done to AppSteroid

Hi Developers,
It has been a while since the last post, and many changes has been applied to AppSteroid through those blank dates.  AppSteroid has became more powerful and reliable than ever with it’s exclusive set of features, receiving positive results from developers.  We would like to share some of those positive numbers here in the blog, but that will be something done in the future post.  Today, we would like to share the works done in each platforms (iOS, Unity and Android), and upcoming exciting features that many developers has been requesting us.

Major Changes (Unity, iOS)

Before we go into details about changes made in this past few month, you can see all the changes made from the following release note; iOSUnity.  I cannot name up and describe all of the changes here, since there are over a 100 of them, but I will list up some of the important ones for now.

  • Unread message management in Forum/Message
  • Video recording/share for Android Devices
  • Badge icon and count
  • Advertisement API
  • Skinning and customizing GUI color
  • Web video player

Unread message management is a great set of functions that enable users to get back into their last action taken in the community.  The server will store value of the last position in Forum/Thread/Message, so whenever an user access to those contents, AppSteroid will immediately navigate users to the last position.  This function takes a very important role as the community grow, and the number of contents increase to a large number.  User will not ever have to lose track of what they were doing in the community.  This means, a stronger engagement and retention from users!!

Badge icon and count is also one of those functions to navigate users for better engagement and retention.  AppSteroid will now keep track of number of updates and unread messages that user are not aware of, and show it over the appropriate button as a badge icon.  Just adding this function resulted to increase retain rate for some of the Apps. Better awareness and attention is always good to keep those number high.

Advertisement API is now available for those who want to increase profit using our SDK.  As you know AppSteroid provides its’ SDK with an unique built in GUI, the extra space added to your app can be used as an additional real estate space for advertisement.  This is not only to increase your revenue from those Ads, but also to promote other application to migrate users from one app to another.


Upcoming SDK (Android, Cocos2D)

We have noticed large needs in Cocos2D and Android from game developers, and we are excited to announce that we are releasing SDK that supports these platform soon!  Unity will also have more features coming up.

Stay tuned for the next update.

Hot Press

Press Release

Fresvii Inc. raises $4 Million in funding led by Nissay Capital
Fresvii’s AppSteroid platform empowers developers to create the compelling games today’s players demand.

REDWOOD CITY, California, December 15, 2015Fresvii Inc., creators of AppSteroid, the platform that creates social networks in mobile games and apps, announced today that it has raised $4 million in funding from US and Japanese investors. The majority of the investment came from Nissay Capital of Japan, and also includes angel investment in Silicon Valley.

Fresvii provides a host of plug-and-play social engagement tools exclusively built for mobile through its AppSteroid platform. AppSteroid’s core offerings include social mechanics such as forums, group messaging, gameplay video recording and playback, voice-chat, leaderboards, and matchmaking. The cloud-based platform is compatible with numerous game engines including Unity, iOS, Android and is expanding its support to include Cocos2d shortly.

“For today’s game publishers, simply relying on riveting game play or a unique storyline isn’t going to get them very far,” said Hiro Nakagawa, CEO and founder of Fresvii. “The most successful games embrace social elements into their core gameplay, creating a high level of engagement, interaction and loyalty among users.”

“Developers using AppSteroid can integrate powerful social features such as forums and gameplay video recording within hours, potentially saving months of development time”, said Tony Gascon, General Manager of Fresvii. “We want to help developers to create great games, and our platform will allow them to focus their attention on gameplay rather than spending time adding social features.”

Among Fresvii’s portfolio of clients is Japanese game developer Liica, Inc. The studio integrated AppSteroid into their highly popular mobile title, Q Universe. The puzzle game recently launched in the US, following its phenomenal success in Japan, where it achieved 8 million downloads in just 6 months. From video recording functionality to in-game chat, AppSteroid orchestrates the entire social and community components of the game, which have helped to make Q Universe a hit among gamers and a Top 50 game in the US Google Play store.

Fresvii is staffed with mobile game veterans from world-class companies including Disney, Nintendo, and Konami. Fresvii CEO and Founder Hiro Nakagawa previously developed the voice chat SDK for the Nintendo DS.

About Fresvii

Silicon Valley and Tokyo-based startup Fresvii provides a suite of social tools specifically tailored to meet the needs of modern game developers through its AppSteroid social platform. AppSteroid’s features are plug-and-play, enabling developers to focus on what matters most – creating exciting games that players demand.

Developers can learn more at http://fresvii.com or be the first to know about our upcoming features by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

SDK Implementation Campaign

A chance for you to Learn and Earn!

We are opening a campaign for all developers to start using AppSteroid and learn how to use it while earning cash.  Please contact us for details about the earnings.  Also, check out our website to see what AppSteroid is.

To qualify, you must be an iOS or Unity developer with your own game published to either Google Play or AppStore. We will verify that your app is on the Store and has user downloads.

The implementation should take no longer then a day.
Once you experience the implementation, the second experience should take no longer then un hour!

– Your app must have over 1,000 DAU
– Your app must be developed either on Unity or iOS native
– You must submit your application to the store after the SDK implementation
– Operate your application on the store with our SDK implemented for at least 6 month.
– Details of steps to implement the SDK will be sent to you via e-mail

Do not forget to contact us before you start your implementation.

– Fresvii team.

Hot Off Press


Fresvii Announces AppSteroid 1.0
Attach community to boost retention and optimize engagement

Redwood City, CA — July 29, 2015 – Fresvii announced the Release of AppSteroid SDK 1.0, a modern community platform for mobile game developers, which enables to add socialness into application easier then ever.

Ever since AppSteroid was announced in October 2014, the SDK has been used by over 2,500 developers world wide.  Based on the feedback from developers, we have put all our effort to enhance features to acquire, engage and retain users.  Addition to the enhancement, the major update version of AppSteroid1.0 comes with a new community space and promotion space to optimize user management.

As the app stores have matured, competition has increased significantly. More than ever, consumers of content have a vast choice of applications for the majority of their needs. With so many apps competing for attention, a large and into some extent underestimated differentiator is adding modern community features and support capabilities. Delivering exceptional customer experience with social offerings to your applications is a way of standing out from other, similar products in your category.

AppSteroid 1.0 enables all app developers to easily add socialness, and strongly support to formate a platform to connect applications. This will not only help increase user retention, but significantly reduce the cost of advertising by supplying a space of community to promote and acquire new users.


– Add socialness into your app faster then ever
– Additional promotion area to acquire new users
– Significantly reduce the cost of development by supplying a wide variety of service

Service Overview


・Game Forum
・User Profile

・Friend Management
・Group Message
・In-Game Chat/Voice Chat
・Video Recording

User Acquisition

・Game Video Ads
・Event Announcement

・Community Ads

User Migration/App Promotion

(App Gallery)

・Promotion with Official Forum
・User Transfer with Captured Game Video and Event Announcement.

・Promotion with the App Community

Exclusive Game Service

・Event Creator
・Multi Leaderboard

・Turn Base Game Support
・3D Avatar Service


・Push Notification
・User Acquisition

・Cloud Storage Area
・Social Integration
・Data Migration Support

Web Console

・App Analytics
・User Analytics
・User Data Management
・Customer Support
・Push Notification Management
・Event/Leaderboard Management
・Community Management

AppSteroid1.0 Service Image


AppSteroid has the ability to increase user traffic, acquisition and retention with our wide variety of features. It is a huge benefit for game developers and publishers alike that have multiple titles to promote.  Fresvii will continue putting out it’s best effort to get great result.

URL: https://fresvii.com/